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Beresheet Exclusive Hotel. Mitzpeh Ramon, Israel (2011)

When this luxurious exclusive Boutique Hotel has been initially designed, the most important value the architect group “Faiglin architects” has expressed was avoiding a conflict between the structure and the scenic desert environment of Mitzpeh Ramon. The rooms of the hotel were built by the unit and the building is no higher than two floors, not interfering with the breathtaking desert view. The material chosen for the exterior cladding was the Jerusalem Blend Squares & Recs’, not only blending perfectly with this inspiring surrounding, but also being a green product. The stone pieces used for the cladding were collected from quarrying waste from the Ramon Quarry located nearby. To complete this desert inspired look, all floors of the rooms as well as the hotel lobby were paved with Jerusalem Gold in a soft brushed finish being subtle, natural and warm.

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