• Jerusalem Limestone

    Jerusalem Limestone is a supreme quality limestone that has been widely used throughout the years for many commercial and residential projects worldwide. Aside from its inviting warm tones that can be easily blended, it is available in a wide variety of sizes including cut to size and complicated details, as well as distinctive smooth and textured designed finishes. Design your space with Jerusalem Stone, and create a unique appearance and surrounding.

  • Cut To Size

    The natural soft appearance of Jerusalem Limestone is appealing to many architects and designers worldwide. It can be easily blended in most spaces, which is why it is often chosen for a variety of applications and cut to size projects, from residential to the most prestigious commercial structures.
    Grebelsky’s factory is located near Jerusalem and is equipped with the most advanced Italian machinery. One of our biggest strengths is being cut to size oriented, having the expertise and ability to provide an inclusive tailored package for each specific project. Our production goes from the standard slabs and calibrated tiles, and up to complicated architectural stone details.

  • Thin Veneer

    Thin Veneer is a growing industry which consists of a wide variation of products. The big advantage of applying thin veneer is being able to achieve a rough natural bulky look of full thickness veneer, but actually using a thin cladding surface (of approximately 1″). Grebelsky has developed a new and exciting natural Thin Veneer Collection in Jerusalem Limestone. This collection includes Jerusalem Blend Squares and Recs’, Jerusalem Gold Straight Edge Ashlar, Ramon Cream 8″ Straight Edge, Grey Gold Ledge and more. Each product is available in matching L-Shaped corners and window sills, providing a complete total veneer look.

  • Design

    Fresh and Innovative design is one of the most leading driving forces of every industry- traditional or modern.  Although the pace at which design is integrated into the stone industry is somewhat slower than others, we at Grebelsky believe it is of essence. Grebelsky has developed innovative products and finishes such as Mountain Groove, Cutting Ledge, Coral and many more. These products will not only present a competitive advantage against others, but may very well win your spec! Get familiar with our innovative product line and expose yourself to new design ideas.