Product Description

The thin veneer industry is one of the fastest growing among the stone industries. As demand for this type of products continues to rise, Grebelsky has decided to develop a unique thin veneer splitface product line in Jerusalem Stone. This finish combined with the softness and warmth of our Jerusalem Stone, makes it stand out from other synthetic and natural thin veneer products.
The Thin Veneer finish is produced by machine (as opposed to the hand splitface finish), having a height limitation of up to 16″ (40.6cm). Its thickness is generally 1″ (2.5 cm), having a variance complying with the weight restriction of 15 lbs/sf. This finish is offered in all colors of Jerusalem Stone as well as in a special “Jerusalem Blend”, and in matching L-shaped corners.
Some feature projects in this finish are the Azzuro Health Club in Noordwijk, a Mediterranean California Residence in Atherton, CA and more.

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Projects that feature this product