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This product was inspired by the traditional building bricks we all know. The main difference is that it is produced from natural limestone and better yet, is available in a minimum thickness of 1.1cm, which enables it to be used for any application regardless of weight limitations. The Galilee Grey material, having a deep but soft grey tone, transforms this product into being contemporary and current rather than old fashioned.  The beautiful rare blend of the silver and gold tones in the Grey Gold limestone, make it also perfect for this brick product. The natural movement of the colors and the soft tumbled finish, highlight the fact that these bricks are not your standard building stone bricks.

This tumbled product can be used for exterior walls and interior applications such as a kitchen back splash, living room cladding, bathroom walls, squared column cladding or as far as your imagination can go

You can order any type of polishing, just contact us




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