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Muza Bustan Park, Tel Aviv (2023)

MUZA – Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, one of the three largest and most pre-eminent museums in Israel, is a multidisciplinary museum dealing with local material culture, past and present. The museum displays the connection between matter and spirit, and presents Israel’s many and varied voices. The Museum in a full swing of a significant process of renewal and growth initiated an architectural contest centering around a master plan for the development of the museum. The contest was won by the Kimmel-Eshkolot architecture firm ,Studio Chanan de Lange and Urbanof Studio. In this context, and as part of the master plan, it was planned to renew the Bustan Garden, sized 90,000 square meters, in the western section of the Museum. Architect Leor Levinger chose Jerusalem Gold in a Bushammered finish to be used as the pavers of the site. The stone comes in random sizes and shapes which are paved in an exact ratio of sizes according to the Architect’s design.
Other unique stone details are the full sizes treads and Bereshit stone vneer for the park walls. The architects of the park believe that upon completion it will become one of most visited sites in the city of Tel Aviv and will bring a genuine change to the surrounding neighborhoods, the city, and the Museum.

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