What is a dummy text?

A dummy text is a text which looks like a particular language at first sight and which also has some aspects in common, but which doesn’t make any sense.

Who needs dummy texts?

Designer at work who don’t have any content for their product yet have the possibility to insert a dummy text into their design to judge on the arrangement of text on their site, on readability or on fonts and sizes. A dummy text is also helpful to present a design without content to a client to show how the text is going to look like without irritating the client by real texts.

Why another dummy text generator?

SO far, there were only generators for “Lorem ipsum” (a dummy text in latin) and some other languages, but there were only few European ones. For European and American designers, who probably would like to use dummy texts in their own language, we developed a generator for many European languages. On top of that it’s possible to upload your own language.